Monthly Archives: January 2009

More proof that I should not be allowed to communicate with Otter

I’m telling you, this is the next brilliant thing. Say you’re a pirate. You’re tired of the eyepatch. You want something charming. Something fuzzy. You want love. You need…SOCKET PETS! Dwarf hamsters, gerbils, very small sugar gliders…I’m telling you, if I had any idea where the patent office was–and if Kevin would let me leave the house when […]

Uf da. Ben had ANOTHER herpes flare-up–barely a month after his last steroid shot, and it’s REALLY bad. (Sprang up practically overnight, too–Sunday he was his usual lovey self standing on the counter demanding gooshy food, Monday he’s picking at his food a little–by Thursday he was growling at his food like it was attacking him.) […]

So February 11th, I’m giving this talk to a local group of librarians and teachers–the Raleigh-Wake Council of the International Reading Association. It’s a pretty big group–apparently they’ve got 150 members or thereabouts–I mean, I don’t think they’ll all show UP or anything, but still–and while it’s partly to present Nurk and hint at Dragonbreath, I think I […]

My organizational skills are dreadful–all my sketches are in one vast folder called "Sketchbook"–but they do have one advantage. The time I spend looking for something that I know I sketched but now I can’t remember what the hell I called it–a reasonably common experience–allows me to trip over stuff I’ve totally forgotten that was half-finished. Sometimes I finish them […]

For those of your who enjoyed Kevin’s "Stages of Intimacy I" column, he’s posted the sequel! Stages of Intimacy 2 Everything here is true, including the bit about the level 70 Lickitung and his mother’s reaction to my penis mushrooms and the fact that I will climb a goddamn clocktower with a gun if I ever have […]

Not that I will ever do "Empire of Feathers," but if I did, this is what it would probably look like. Empire of Feathers Seriously. Don’t ask me when the rest is happening. It isn’t. If I became insanely ambitious, I might–as a sort of weird Dada-ist joke–do random pages now and again, which made no particular sense […]

Movie review, and an excerpt of Dragonbreath 2, just to prove an unrelated point!

For the record, "Sukiyaki Western Django" is an unbelievably awesome movie. Judging by the reviews, you either love it or hate it, so I recommend it in the understanding that you may have to be a colossal surrealist spaghetti-western lovin’ dork to enjoy it, but since my readership arguably contains a larger than normal share […]