Monthly Archives: April 2009

Two brown thrashers just walked up the driveway to the yard. Despite having wings, and being described as a skulking, inconspicuous bird in the literature, they just strolled straight down the driveway, apparently sight-seeing. "Ooh, garden! Ooh, bird-feeder! Look at all that bindweed, tsk." They were clearly a couple. One of them hopped up into […]

Nature continues apace! (So does work on Book 3, which I’m calling Wurstbreath at the moment, although the title will hopefully be "Dragonbreath: Curse of the Were-Wurst" or something akin to it.) A spicebush swallowtail cruised around the flowerbed this afternoon, sipping nectar from the scabiosa*. Another one showed up, and they chased one another around the […]

Busy weekend (aren’t they always?) The new website has been put together, and I’m in the grim stage of uploading art and putting in "Buy now" buttons on everything. (God, I am too prolific.) But it looks like we’ve got everything up and running, and now it’s just up to grunt work on my part and […]

Kevin is an awesome boyfriend. By awesome, I mean that this morning, having just woken up, he stood on a stool in my studio, bareass-naked*, with a flashlight, peering into the back chambers of my Nanocube to see if he could spot Goby Bob, which I couldn’t. As neither of us can find Goby Bob, […]