Monthly Archives: June 2004

Annnnnd new art! One odd and silly little piece: and at long last, the walrus! (The transvestite walrus, admittedly. But I am not gonna be the one to tell a thousand pound bull walrus that he can’t wear a pretty hat if he wants to.)

I was just at Barnes & Noble. I was browsing around the fantasy section, and I spotted a binding that had an oddly familiar font. I tilted my head, read the title–“Lucifer’s Crown”–and thought “Hey, wait, that’s–” That’s my first cover in a major bookchain, is what it is. I’ve had interior art in big […]

There was a slight gap in my schedule where a project that didn’t work out had been–nothing much, just several weeks that were going to be “fairly busy” instead of “probably sleepless.” Fortunately, something immediately rushed in to fill it, so I don’t need to sweat that I might suddenly have to deal with free […]

And thus Ursula learns the powerful object lesson–if going away for four days, do not leave the mousetraps open. I thought I smelled something. Poor little bastard. I’d removed the bait specifically to prevent such things, but he must have just wandered in to see the view or something. Obviously, therefore, he was a very […]

Hey, gang, updating from my parents’ place up in the Pennsylvania backwood thingies. And someone’s watching me type, so I’m not very clever. But anyway! It’s cool up here, good weather, and no one is dead, so it’s all good. Shall return to NC fairly soon, expect update then when I’m not on dial-up. (The…horror….)