Monthly Archives: March 2009

Bare bones productivity today. I blame the laundromat. The dryer is malfunctioning, so I took a load to the local laundry. Man, I always forget how long that takes. Plus somebody always wants to tell me their life story. I am not an unfriendly person–I hope–but when I’m grumpy from slinging underwear, I’m not really at […]

My first vertebrate! A very, VERY small red-head goby, which is supposed to be a very good fish for nano-reef tanks. They’re extremely peaceful to everything except other gobies, they don’t get very big, and they eat readily. I can testify to this last, as when he was finally released into the tank after acclimation, his […]

That damn tick t’other day apparently wanted to look at a lot of locations before he settled down, because there are seven–count ’em, SEVEN–apocalyptically itchy bites across my stomach. They are hideous and grotesque and look like I have localized stomach leprosy. Also, they itch horribly. Whatever one says about leprosy, at least it doesn’t itch. […]

With all the posting about my tiny little reef garden, I have neglected posting about my big outdoor garden! Today, as my reward for surviving the weekend AND getting Ninjabreath art done, I went to a local garden shop called Niche Gardens. They specialize in native plants, and my god, I thought I’d died and gone […]

…and there’s a spaghetti worm in the tank, too! Again, mostly good (can irritate coral if the little tentacles come too close) but the one I’ve spotted is tucked way down in the back.) I went in at night with a flashlight, just out of curiosity, and saw the stomatella snail out grazing, and Crab Bob chowing down […]