Monthly Archives: April 2006

Slice of Life — Automotive Division

James: “So I saw the coolest thing at the grocery store!” Ursula: “What was it?” James: “It was restored and everything!” Ursula: “What was?” James: “The thing!” Ursula: “What thing?” James: “THE THING!” Ursula: “…you mean the car?”* James: “Yeah!” (pause) Ursula: “You planned out just how you were going to phrase that, didn’t you?” […]

Today I’m working on the 300th page of Digger. And y’know, I feel kinda proud about that. Proud, and a bit baffled. I keep looking around and going “Wait…what? How did that happen?” And I can sorta see the end from here. Oh, not for awhile yet. I’d be rather surprised if we didn’t hit […]

Wow. I went to this Garden Center place in Cary today, and…wow. “Do you need any help?” asked the nice woman, as I staggered through the aisles of bizarre, wildlife-attracting, never-heard-of-it-before-but-god-it’s-pretty perennials, gibbering softly. “Don’t mind me,” I said vaguely. “I’m just having a plantgasm…” Whether she was convulsed with amusement or horror, I don’t […]

Veni, vidi…um….veggy? Well, anyway, I came, I saw, I gardened! Did I say I liked lemon balm before? Ignore that. Obviously I was dangerously insane at the time. What I meant to say was that I hate lemon balm with the burning passion of a thousand dying suns, I wish it exterminated, excoriated, exsanguinated, and […]

I am dividing today between art and gardening. It’s statements like that that make me realize my life is wonderful. Granted, the only sunscreen in the house appears to have curdled, and I don’t know if expired sunscreen becomes Deathly Poison or acts like a magnifying glass and thus will result in developing third degree […]

I saw a lizard today! A little skinky thing, which the field guides online say was probably a ground skink. It was very very tiny, only about two inches long with the tail, but I suppose it could have been a baby of some other species. Definitely skinkish though. I’d love to encourage him to […]