Monthly Archives: January 2010

Vibe’s a beauty on snow, and the roads really aren’t that bad–there’s one or two spots with hills that I wouldn’t try to take after dark when it’s frozen into a nice sheet, but otherwise it was fine. Hardly anybody on the roads, though, and this during the hour when everybody should be getting out […]

It’s doing the thing that combines ice and snow and slog that weather forecasters like to refer to as "wintry mix" (which for whatever reason just makes me think of a potpourri, heavy on the evergreen and mulled cider) and there is a couple-inch blanket of white over everything. Downside, not really worth going anywhere. […]

It’s started snowing! And we just finalized the Batbreath script, so it’s time for the three month death march. Two illos a day, six days a week, until it’s done or I tear off my clothes and run screaming into the forest, which hasn’t actually happened yet but you just never know, do you? Then […]

Hey, nifty! Digger has been nominated over at the Webcomics List Awards! Best B&W Art, Best Character. I’m flattered to see Digger up alongside Agatha Heterodyne! Aaaand, much belatedly, let me point out that Digger is currently #81 at, so if you wanted to go over there and vote–not neccessarily for me! There are lots of […]

Brain…fried… I’m back from the con, and lord, am I tired. Great con, wonderful to see a lot of West Coastites, meet some fans I haven’t met before, hang with the other artists, etc–although I think we did a lot of the hanging out with artists in the airport on the way back…but man, the jet lag’s […]

Apparently there was a Senate race or something and we lost, and today there is nothing on the internet or NPR but Monday morning quarterbacking and how this is the end of all things. I’ve been prepping for a con and editing a book–this one’s been off my radar. Also, while it’s very bad and all, […]