Monthly Archives: April 2007

I think the relationship dissolving thing has made me more girly. Or possibly it’s my buddy Carlota’s influence. Either way, I am…actually…looking at shoes. Online. And thinking things like “Cute!” Now, bear in mind that I am a woman who traditionally owns exactly TWO pairs of shoes at any given time–steel-toed hiking boots for stompin’, […]

EMG Wants You!

Hey there, world! Are you creative? Can you fake it? Got a great idea for an article about Stuff You Have Learned About Art/Writing/Creativity/Chickens*? Got art? Got anything? EMG-Zine, which carries my column “Wombat Droppings” (and yes, there’s a new one this upcoming month–enough moping out of me, back to the grindstone!) is lookin’ for […]