Monthly Archives: January 2011

KUEC #21

“She was wearing underwear on her head. Not because she was crazy…!” A very pasta heavy episode, with a bottle of cheap wine apiece, which is probably what caused me to get reminiscing about my grandmother and the time I got lost in New Orleans. Also available on iTunes! Also, a raccoon walked in the […]

The Sac Shack!

In the small hours of the night, this postcard arrived in my brain. It wasn’t addressed to me, but I got it anyway. I know absolutely nothing about Elijuh, except that A) he is not named Elijah, and B) apparently his mother has gout. (Also his handwriting is the font “Rabiohead,” and the paper textures […]


It was an insanely productive week, but I kinda feel like I carved the productivity out of my belly with a knife. But lots and lots got done! This is important! The art edits are almost finished, and now I just have to finalize the cover, write another scene on Book 6, and get cracking […]