Monthly Archives: November 2009

Well, shit. Robert Holdstock, author of books like The Hollowing and Mythago Wood died this morning. His books were mythic and tricky and difficult to read–he wasn’t a comfortable author–and they left me with a nervous queasy unsettlement and fragments of spectacular imagery. The Hollowing was a powerful influence on what eventually became Gearworld. (I […]

I am all fat on turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and homemade mac and cheese. And pie. And wine. It was a good Thanksgiving. Well, the beagle tried to climb on everybody and generally proved that we are the owners of a horribly untrained dog, which fills me with abiding shame, but I drowned […]

Ladies and gentlemen, squids and wombats, it’s That Time Of Year Again. Christmas shopping time. Yup. Prints are great! Prints are inexpensive, they’re signed, and if you pop ’em in a nice mat, they look like you spent quite a lot of time and/or money and they’re totally personal in that "I knew you were […]