Monthly Archives: July 2006

Today I’m burning a cd of files for the upcoming art book project from Ellen Million. This involves me digging through my computer’s innards trying to locate old art–I know more or less where everything is that I’ve done in the last coupla years, but some things from way back when are still trapped at […]

So Nurk has started to garner its first rejection slips. I actually feel good about this, and I’ll tell you why. The first two things I heard back about Nurk were variations on “Love it, love it, lot of potential, really would like to publish it, is the author willing to do a re-write addressing […]

I spent most of today working on the background for a painting–a plain, ordinary sky. Hours passed, much like a kidney stone. At around five pm I screamed “SCREW YOU, REAL MEDIA!” slammed the door my studio, stomped downstairs, and pulled up Photoshop, where the delicate graded effect I was after took about forty-five seconds. […]

Hey, neat! Was just out in the garden, and saw one of these on my lantana! It’s a huge butterfly, nearly the size of my hand. Edit: And a few minutes, later, on the same lantana, a tiger swallowtail, also enormous and…defective. A good chunk of his right side lower wing, including the swallowtail […]