Monthly Archives: December 2005

Well, we returned from the wilds of PA yesterday. It was groovy. My stepfather and I got up at the crack of dawn and went looking for birds. He sees Goldeneye, Buffleheads, and various swans along the river practically daily, along with eagles and pileated woodpeckers and whatnot. As could be expected, they all heard […]

So James is playing “Shadow of the Colossus” which we were both sort of interested in. And we’re playing. And damnit, it’s sad. You ride around, find these gigantic, rather interesting, but melancholy seeming giant stone creatures. Some of them attack you (mainly by stepping on you) but some of them just sort of wander […]

I got a penis for Christmas! No, really. My friend Deb gave me a necklace featuring…well. She goes to Thailand now and again, and evidentally there is a famous Penis Market there, featuring oodles and oodles of carvings, jewelry, charms, etc, all on the generalized fertility theme, for all your decorative penis needs. S’cultural motif. […]

The monocular is interesting and a bit tricky. It requires more precision than the wide-angle binoculars, and I suspect I’ll need at least as much practice as I did with the binoculars at first. Because it’s so precise, it’s a lot harder to figure out where exactly you’re looking–but goddamn, you can see it closely […]