Monthly Archives: April 2011

Frog Nouveau: Orchids

Among the smallest of the winged frogs, the winged orchid frog lives primarily on insects attracted to the orchid flowers that it mimics.  This would tend to cut down on pollination, but the frogs are fairly slow and stealthy predators, so pollination often occurs before the frog manages to snap the unsuspecting insect out of […]

General Round Up…

Life continues apace. In theory I get sales numbers for Ninja Frogs soon—preliminary call from agent indicates that it’s goin’ good, but I’d kinda like to see actual numbers of copies, since going good could cover a range anywhere between “not sucking” and “talk to your accountant about offshore tax havens.”* This is the woeful […]

KUEC #31

“He had this advanced medical condition where his penis had fallen off” In which we return to our low-brow roots with White Castle and Hungry-Man, eat Welsh rarebit, and you learn some mildly disturbing things about my ex-step-grandfather.* Also, Angus, aka Little Orange Cat has gotten REALLY friendly lately, and is currently sitting on my […]

Rat Nouveau: Lemons

This painting took me two days, and not in the way you’d think. I have been wanting to try my painting-on-print-sealed-to-board technique in concert with Art Nouveau for awhile. It seemed like a natural—computers are really good at all the geometric design elements, so you do those, block out the space where you have your […]

Auel’s Land of Painted Caves and a Modest Proposal

So I finished the latest Jean Auel book. And by “finished” I mean that I gave up reading the unbelievably tedious journey from cave painting to cave painting to cave painting—seriously, did an editor even breathe the same AIR as this book?—skipped to where stuff started to happen, became baffled and frustrated and then downright […]

Primitive Birders

On the one hand, I went birding last week. On t’other, I just picked up the new Jean Auel book, Land of Painted Caves, which is representing the Ice Age nicely by moving like a glacier. (Seriously, 250+ pages, no discernable plot, they’re just going from cave painting to cave painting and recapping the Entire […]