Monthly Archives: October 2004

It occurs to me that I’ve been shamefully remiss in mentioning Halloween this year, particularly costumes. Mine was not impressive. I just dug out and laundered my old iaido gear, found my practice sword, and went as a samurai. I was mildly worried that it wouldn’t fit, since it’s been a coupla years, but frankly, […]

I am surprisingly unworried about the Osama video. And I’ll tell you why. We’re too polarized already. The trenches are dug too deep. Sure, there are probably some people–who ought to be bloody well ashamed of themselves–changing their mind on the word of a terrorist. That’s the sort of thing I consider “letting the terrorists […]

Okay, about these missing explosives. I don’t know squat about them. I’m not gonna automatically assume that it was some hideous failure by Bush–Bush has enough hideous failures in my book that I don’t feel the need to go looking for new ones. The man’s a goob. Kerry could publically commit necrobeastiality with dead puppies […]

I just woke up from the most bizarre dream… Most of it was this kind of twisted Willy Wonka thing–some guy running this creepy place that was supposed to be paradise for kids and…well…wasn’t. Except in the dream I was a boy (maybe twelve or thirteen) and couldn’t see that, but somewhere else in my […]

Yet Another Slice of Life

James: “Did you get that link about platypus…es…platy…platypus I sent you from work?” Me: “No.” James: “Really? It was about how they have like thirty chromosomes that determine their sex.” Me: “Neat! Where was it?” James (dithering): “Uh…lemmee think…uh…maybe…no…uh…maybe…uh…try…” Me (oblivious as usual): “Look, I’ll just google “platypus sex”…there we go…” *pause* Me: “Man, we […]