Monthly Archives: November 2003

This made me laugh like a loon. And roll my eyes a bit. And laugh again. And cringe. And feel uneasy. And then laugh for five solid minutes and pound on the arm of the chair. (Sort’ve not safe for work–found over at the vintage erotic community) Basically they’re covers from pulp soft-core porn […]

Best line uttered during a Kurosawa movie: James: “Wow, look at those Japanese women rock out…HEY! That’s the cantina scene! Only with Japanese women!” It also occurred to me, infinitely belatedly, while watching James pick up a drunken Sith chick in Knights of the Old Republic that hey! There are no evil women in Star […]

Today, in an effort to keep Loki out of my studio, (where he is evidentally so well recovered from neuroapathy that he’s jumping on the workbench and into the window, wreaking havoc on my highly scientific “Stack that somewhere” organization system) James attempted to use psychology on the cat. At least, I think that’s why […]