Monthly Archives: September 2009

I really resent the intrusion of pomegranate into everything. Artificial pomegranate is not a flavor I much like, and it seems like you can’t even buy underwear these days without it coming in pomegranate flavor and advertising its value as a superfood that will grant you immortality and the ability to see the future in goose […]

Spent the last two hours looking at cars online and talking to various car-buying-type people I know (i.e. Carlota and my father.) and grimly running Carfax reports. Predictably, most of the cars I like and can afford locally are ex-rental cars, which, depending on who you ask, are either bad or not that bad or the […]

Yesterday, we cleaned. We cleaned like our lives depended on it, like non-existent mother-in-laws were visiting in ten minutes, like we were possessed by the Nine Demons of Hygiene. Kevin shampooed the carpets. I wielded a mop across an acre or so of hardwood floors. Bedding was changed. Scrubbing occurred, and then occurred some more. […]

Today, I finally got off my ass, went down to the little Chatham Art Gallery in downtown Pittsboro* that showcases local artists, and dropped off an application.  (It’s only been, what–a year?) I imagine it’d mostly be matted prints that I’d be selling, and they do a lot of racks of little mini-print cards, so if […]

Re-read The Mote in God’s Eye yesterday–read it back in college, but not since. Man, that’s still a classic. (Pity about the sequel…) I dreamed about aliens, which wasn’t surprising, but the rest was a nonsensical jumble of wandering between large tents and solemn discussions of nothing in particular. I was actually inspired to re-read […]