Monthly Archives: May 2004

Woof. Well, the day of my birthday was great–sold an original, hung out with friends, had a buddy drop by unexpectedly, bought books–all fabulous. The day after, unfortunately, was not so fabulous, as my machine, which had been slowly becoming more and more cantankerous, finally was found floating belly-up in the fishbowl, and had to […]

Well, being 27 is going well so far–two brown-headed nuthatches, which I rarely see, since the white-breasted ones chase ’em off, and what must be a juvenile downy woodpecker being fed by its parent. And having finally refilled and repaired the finch sock, the goldfinches returned at once and are hopping around being gratuitously yellow. […]

OH MY GOD! I have the coolest mom ever. She somehow found–yep–the “Encyclopedia of Legendary Creatures,” that formative text of my childhood which has been out of print for more than twenty years. The text where I first encountered the Thing That Starts With “A”, the ahuizotl, immortalized–or at least dredged up briefly–in my comic […]

This is the last day that I will be twenty-six, and naturally, I’m spending it skittering around getting work done and errands run like a nervous salmon with a very poor sense of direction. “Gotta get food…and printer ink…and a present for kid brother…oo! Bookstore! I could get him books!” Found the book of Norse […]

I dreamed that I burned to death in hot lava. Wasn’t all that bad, actually. I was in some kind of…enclave is the only word that comes to mind, but some sort of community with a vaguely religious set-up, although not, y’know, weird. And the high priest, who looked like a young biker type (though […]

Today, I painted. And I got in the groove. It happens occasionally. It’s the…thingy. For an hour or two, you can’t lay a stroke wrong. Time sort of wanders off. It’s cool when it happens. It doesn’t happen very often. If I could tap into it at will, they would find me dehydrated, starved, twitching […]

I just saw a young woodpecker! At first I thought “What the hell?” because it looked like a red-bellied woodpecker with a fluffy gray head rather than the usual red-tan. It had the same tweed back as the adult with it. I was trying to figure out what it was–it was nearly as big as […]