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Today I finished the 50th page of Digger! Woo! I feel strangely celebratory. I also finished another cover and another one of these splash illos for the animation guys. So it was productive. However, what I really wanted to share was a follow up! Remember ? Well, the reply finally rolled in! | At […]

Verbal Brain Vs. Non-Verbal Brain Vs. Workload

Tuesday was insane. Yesterday was also fairly insane, although not quite the brain cracking madness that Tuesday was. Tuesday I have a vague memory of finishing one cover, starting another, doing two spot illos for a horror game, finishing the obscenely complicated background for one of these splash illos for the animation studio, and finishing […]

Well…uh…err…it seems terribly immodest to mention this, but what the heck… I’ve been asked to be one of the guests of honor at next years Midwest Furfest! Wooo! MFF was the first convention I ever went to, and it was really a great experience–everyone was SO nice and helpful and friendly that it really put […]

Elfwood is just on a roll this week…I mean, normally I go at least a month between blatant idiocies. +————————————— – | At Sat Oct 25 22:25:01 2003 | Meanie | () | IP#: | Referring to: ursula/cerberusmusic.jpg | “how ugly! HE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A REAL DOG AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! | EEEEEEEEEWWW I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!! […]

I just watched footage of a lemur biting a millipede to make it spray chemicals, then rubbing the chemicals all over it’s body. Then it got a blissed out look, dropped the millipede, sprawled on the branch and drooled happily for awhile with that heavy-lidded expression seen wherever people gather ’round a bong. Nature is […]

Skunk auction closes today! Other than that, not much of interest to report…painting. Painting, painting, painting. Lots of painting. The cover that we had finally, painstakingly, wrangled down to a battleship in the fog, which I had begun painting, is now momentarily on hold because the author decided to get rid of that whole […]

Every now and then I get such wonderfully venomous comments that I gotta share. These things always make my day. +————————————— – | At Thu Oct 23 15:27:31 2003 | Anonymous | () | IP#: | Referring to: ursula/dreamagain.jpg | “Maybe having the dream is just whatever humanity you may | have eating away at […]