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Valor Under Fire

No, not the paladin–the GM. He had an encounter all planned out. It was a good encounter! There were drow warriors and blade spiders and all the trimmings and they marched up to the castle and demanded to know where Drow-Bob was and what we had done with him. …it got a little out of […]

The Pamphlet & The Sword II

(I hate to be one of those people who Tells Your About Their Character, but since people asked for the resolution…) So when last we left our intrepid adventurers, Rooster the paladin was standing toe to toe with the avatar of Vecna, the rest of the party was scattered through a dungeon, and cultists infested […]

The Pamphlet And The Sword

So here the party is, slaying their way through the dungeon, wandering through a maze, and we come across a cultist. ROOSTER: Convert or die, and I’m really in a hurry, so let’s make that decision quick, okay? Three…two…one… CULTIST: Convert! Convert! (loudly, obviously trying to raise the alarm) Oh look, a paladin of the […]

Hellhound Rescue

Yesterday, in the latest installment of the D&D Party That Means Well, we were in combat with some cultists, some Helmed Horrors, and a hellhound-thingy. Combat was slightly delayed last week, as the paladin browbeat the Helmed Horror into writing a letter to his mother in case he was killed in battle. (Last line of […]

Breaking The GM

Sometimes, it just all comes together in D&D. When last we left our intrepid adventurers, they were battling through the Walt’s Wasps* hand-lotion factory, to foil the plot of a demon lord who had decided to enslave the world with evil hand lotion. PALADIN: Seriously? Evil hand lotion? Are you guys sure you don’t want […]

A Series of Memos

Every year, in my D&D group, we do a little write-up of how our character spent the holidays. It’s basically a fun little creative-writing exercise that occasionally builds some plot points and nets us a couple of XP. Last year our Druid had a religious experience, my paladin got very drunk with his order, our […]

Fear the Well-Meaning

I have come to realize, after yet another D&D session that ended with Kevin holding his head in his hands and moaning as the plot jumped the rails, went down an embankment, and burst into flames, what precisely the problem with our D&D group is. We mean well. This is what gets us into trouble. […]