Monthly Archives: February 2006

…and it’s startin’ to look weird. James is glumly admitting that yup, that could be a break, and that nasty little popping sensation could be…err…more badness. And he can’t walk on it at all. So now I’m waiting for an on-call doctor to call back, and let us know whether he hangs out overnight, or […]

Well, the house hunting was kinda disappointing. The agent was fabulous–she had a terribly suspicious mind, which I approve of greatly in an agent as long as they’re working for me (i.e. “What is this new wallpaper hiding? It’s a lousy job, and nobody hangs wallpaper right before they move unless they’re trying to hide […]

Opening at the Toad went off fairly well, except that nobody realized that a live musician had scheduled himself in at the same time. So that was a little awkward. It’s hard to talk art when someone’s belting out “Moonshadow” in the background and accompanying himself on the harmonica. My thanks to those friends and […]

A straightforward wildlife portrait, although if you squint, you could make a good case for a certain grizzly bear chef with his shirt off. I never fail to be amazed by how THICK bears are. There is a bulk to them that seems patently absurd. It’s one of those things where you almost have […]

Still lookin’ at house stuff. We’ve moved on to the “getting loan quotes” bit, and having established our max limit, we are shortly moving to the “call the realtor” stage. My father calls me now and again to utter dark prophecies about the horrors of escrow (He says it’s bad, but just when you hit […]