Monthly Archives: August 2007

Well, well, well. I need to meet some people. I have been spending far too long in relative isolation–it’s gonna kill me before much longer. So! If you’re local and want to get together for coffee, dinner, whatever–send me an e-mail, tell me when’s good for you, don’t be shy! I can’t hack much more […]

As I get older, and travel more and more across this great country of ours, I find myself returning to one thought more and more. From sea to shining sea, across amber waves of whatnot, the same fact resurfaces again and again. Texas fucking sucks. It never ends. You enter Texas, and you are there […]

Whew, one day on the road, and already it’s surreal. Carlota and I rolled into Alabama last night to her parents’ place, and man, they are Southern Gentry.  In the nicest and most gracious possible way. By which I mean somebody handed me a Mimosa in the shower. Showered, cheerful, slightly drunk, I staggered out […]

Not quite on the road yet…which is probably why I spent last night in a gay bar drawing hamster porn. I will deny the existence of these sketches to my grave–especially that one with the ball gag–and the instigator will either be shot for contributing to my delinquency, or else roped into coauthoring the Hama […]

So Long, Farewell, and Hey–Calendars For Sale!

I’m gonna be sporadic on-line for awhile–my computer is getting broken down tonight, so it’s posting from my laptop on the road kinda stuff from here on out–but before I go, next year’s Ursula Vernon calendars are for sale! Order now! And Blackbeard’s Rugged Tampon T-shirts are now available for ordering on-line! Shock innocent bystanders! […]