Monthly Archives: April 2004

Dear teenagers cruising my suburb with pounding hip-hop at top volume, I realize that you think we are A) admiring your youthful coolness and rebellion, or B) horrified by the naughty words and shaking our heads like the squares we are, or C) terrified you’re here to bust caps in our glutinous suburban asses, but […]

O brilliant bird people! Do any of you know what the heck this is? It was a sort of olive-drab color on top, a bit smaller than a robin. It was doing the my-wing-hurts dance, and one of its feet didn’t seem to be doing too well either–it could hop, and by means of […]

I have a bizarre urge to do something with the caption “I’m not sayin’ it wasn’t your brother-in-law, Bob, I’m jes sayin’ he had a whole lotta legs on ‘im!” I have no idea what image could possibly justify such a caption, mind you, but the phrase is rattling in my head like gravel in […]

Birds are weird. For the past half-hour, it has been like living in the woods. (This happens every morning, mind you.) The birds are in the kind of multi-species cacaphony that cannot be adequately described in text. I’d need to do a comic page of warring tweeting in different fonts to really get the feel […]

Went to Jerry’s Artarama. Thought “Hmm, I’m not confident I can find it again–better Mapquest it and print it out.” Which I did. The directions were clear and easy to follow, and thus, in record time, I arrived. At their shipping depot. Which is not a store, but rather the warehouse. Because I’d grabbed the […]