Monthly Archives: January 2007

As is so often the case, there was some kind of life in the black and white sketch that did not make the transition to the final painting. Ah, well. They say no painting is ever finished, just abandoned. The sketch: (See what I mean? Maybe it just didn’t want to be in […]

I dreamed last night that I was back in high school (a nightmare that haunts many of us, I know.) I still had my tattoo, though. It was career day, or something like it–according to our assembly, (which I skipped, because I was cleaning out my desk, which was inexplicably full of George Orwell books) […]

Frantically prepping for a show over at Mr. Toad’s Coffee House–my buddy Carlota had mentioned that I was up at the end of January, and of course with recent stresses, I didn’t exactly retain that knowledge. Then Wednesday Carlota said “Uh…that needs to go up Friday…” and so I’ve been in minor lunacy for the […]

Last night’s D&D session went swimmingly, as our characters settle a bit more into the situation they find themselves. Tarab, our gruff cleric and Fiatal, our charming rogue, are teamed up with Rook, my paladin, snooping around places they probably should not, in good conscience, be snooping. I love being a paladin, but it does […]

So I go in today to get my Birkenstocks repaired. Now, I am not good to shoes. I do not love shoes as many women do. Having left Minnesota, I now wear hiking sandals year-round, often with offensively bright and fluffy socks, because…well…I can. I do not oil or waterproof or fireproof or polish or […]