Monthly Archives: October 2007

Last night I had a dream that I was roaming video game stores looking for a Wii. No one had them. Okay, fine. Then–and this has me stumped–I was roaming the video game stores looking for a copy of “Dance Dance Revolution.” Um….what? I’ve never even played DDR! I never had any desire to play […]

So I went to the local nursery, and spoke to an employee. She was an elderly wizened woman who came up to–for lack of a better descriptor–nipple height on me. I explained my shady northern exposure deck woes and asked her for suggestions. She gave me a pitying look and said “Plastic.” “….ah.” “Yeah. If […]

Musing on Wii-ness, it suddenly occurred to me that it’s been awhile since I played a game other than a desultory pass through WoW. A really long while. A…oh my god, was the last game I played REALLY “Viva Pinata”?! For the 360, which my ex-husband retained possession of, meaning I haven’t played it since […]

Went to Anime Night last night, but our host Mike had just gotten a Wii, so very little anime was actually watched. Somehow I wound up boxing three rounds with friend Wes. For those who have not played the boxing game on a Wii, it’s…a little exhausting. You’re basically shadow-boxing furiously until the other guy […]