Monthly Archives: March 2008

Whew! I finally have a spare moment to blog…been running from pillar to post, doing guest stuff. Brooke, of A Girl And Her Fed is like the best con buddy ever. We arrived late, I more or less dove through the door and into the opening ceremonies–where, to my mild embarassment and great delight, someone […]

Brief Girly Moment

Ahem. I am about to get all girly. Please avert your eyes, it may be disgusting.OHMYGODILOVETHESEBOOTS! They’re…they’re…knee-high, and black and have buckles and rows of spikes and leather flames and they are so wonderfully absurdly metal. These are Deathklok boots. They’re like body armor. They’re wonderful. Two inch sole, too. I’m TALL. I’m not sure […]

A morning spent running errands for con prep, which mostly involves me making a list, losing the list, and then trying to remember what was on the list by muttering to myself about what I need. Kudos to Kevin for falling gracefully into the role of herder-of-artists. (“What else do I need…?” “Receipt books.” “Right!”) […]

Well, not everything’s goin’ my way…poor Ben’s mouth hasn’t healed as much as it should have. A quick swab would indicate that cancer’s unlikely, a biopsy would require trauma to both cat and wallet, so the vet’s giving him a run of steroids. If it’s a particular type of disorder, the name of which I’ve […]