Monthly Archives: December 2009

Have arrived safely in Arizona! Long flight, but good. Out at my Dad’s for today, tomorrow we’ll be touring some of the spectacular northern scenery, like the Grand Canyon, which Kevin’s never seen, and Jerome and Sedona, which are cool to visit. I love my Dad’s place, since it’s just wonderfully surreal. There’s a huge […]

Wall painted, wall jewelry rehung.* Rearranged photos of Kevin’s kids. Glared at them. Cursed their cheap frames.  Rearranged again. Put multiple nail holes in newly painted wall. Glared some more. Vowed that if I ever found the electrician who put the lightswitch, power outlet, thermostat and…whatever the hell that one thing is**…in an irregular rhombus on […]

Been in the throes of a weird restlessness lately…I want to paint, or write, or do SOMETHING productive, but inspiration isn’t coming. (Please don’t attempt to inspire me–I appreciate the thought, but trust me, that doesn’t really help. I’ve already run through all my usual–and a couple of unusual–methods, and I don’t think lack of […]

Merry Dies Natalis Solis Invicti!

Kevin went off to a church thing with his kids. I cleaned my studio–we all have our particular religious observances–and conducted that most longstanding of family traditions–namely I went out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve. Tomorrow there will be dinner with Kevin’s family and lunch with Deb, who’s family of another sort, and there will […]

So it wasn’t until I started seeing a fair number of "End of the Decade" lists on various sites that it occurred to me that this is the end of the…whatever the hells…and the beginning of the Screamin’ Teens (or whatever they’ll be called. I’d like to think "the Green Teens," myself.) I tried to think of what […]

So I’m playing Dragon Age: Origins. It’s a Bioware game, and I will play pretty much any Bioware game ever. When they do it right, they do it very, very, very right. (When they do it wrong, they do it right for about three-quarters of the game, then go "Whoops! Shit! Uh–rocks fall, everybody dies!" They are the game […]

The check engine light came on in my car t’other day, and I finally got it into the dealer–it’s under warranty, so might as well. So yesterday was spent sitting around my buddy Deb’s, commiserating over writing, working on Black Dogs on the laptop, and waiting for the mechanic to call. At last he did, […]

Finally knuckling down and working on editing Black Dogs 2. (See, I told you it existed!) It’s hard. Editing something I wrote two months ago is hard enough–editing something I wrote an entire DECADE ago is seriously brutal. My younger self had no sense of humor and seemed to think that you could solve all […]