Monthly Archives: January 2008

A huge pack of imps arrived today, courtesy of the lovely Reece, and god, I see what you people mean–opening these things is like Christmas! Eeee! Tried “Baku.” Intensely, powerfully anise. My wrists smelled like I was wearing black licorice handcuffs. Within five minutes, it had vanished completely, leaving no trace behind. Huh. Well, that […]

Tried “Isles of Demons.” Great name. Smells a little too perfume-y for me at first blush–definitely floral, definitely sweet. After a few minutes, the musk starts to come through, which is nice, but the topnote–crap, these terms are starting to make SENSE–is still too sweet for my tastes. Hmm, all this smell-testing is definitely a […]

Tried “Whip.” Roses and leather, theoretically, but it vanished almost completely on my skin–I got a floral whiff, made a mental note to sniff again later, and then poof! nada. It wasn’t an obnoxious floral, suspicious as I am of them, it just…went away immediately. I tend not to lather on the perfume, of course, […]

Tried “Dee” last night. Smelled woody. (Not woodsy. Like woods. The description includes rosewood.) Interesting wood with a hint of incense. It’s a nice smell, it’s also, oddly enough, a completely asexual smell, and if I’d meant “unisex” I would have said “unisex.” This is a perfume that does not make me think about sex, […]

Okay, TWENTY imps arrived in the mail today. My desk smells like a New Age bookstore, possibly with an S&M dungeon in the back room. (It’s all the leather notes…) As I can no longer distinguish between smells after whiffing about three bottles, I’m gonna have to do this one at a time…(and my apologies […]