Monthly Archives: February 2009

Two–possibly more–pest anemones came in with the live rock. (Not particularly unexpected–Otter warned me it was likely.)  There’s a couple of methods of control, mostly involving shooting poison or boiling water into them, but since they live in holes and can retract at high speed, this is tricky. And involves me handling poison and boiling […]

Eee! Eee! I have a tube worm! It is a teeny tiny little tube worm, but it’s alive! I was staring at the live rock–the murk is slowly settling, visibility is now about two inches–trying to figure out what the white tubes, like very narrow wiggly pasta, attached to the rock were, and then one poked its little […]

A positive horde of birds has descending on the yard and the trees between the yard and the road. I don’t know that I’ve adequately described Kevin’s place. ("Our place," he’s usually quick to interject at this point.) There’s a long driveway that leads up to the cul-de-sac. It’s a small housing development, one of those […]

Waiting to hear back from the referral vet on scheduling Ben’s extraction…he’s having ANOTHER episode, despite two steroid shots in the last two months. Depending on what it is, I’ll need to lay in painkillers and antibiotics until then. Poor bastard. (And whether I’m referring to Ben for being in pain or Kevin for having […]

Whew. Well, it’s getting close enough that I can finally make the announcement–Graphic Smash is spinning Digger off and giving it its own site! They think that Digger was pretty much the breakout hit of the site, and they’ve wanted to do this for awhile, but there was some buying out and corporate stuff, so […]

It’s an addiction, man. Can’t…stop…painting…. Angel & Devil Phalloi I am resisting–so far–the brilliant and nefarious suggestion of World of Warcraft themed phalloi, both because I don’t want to get sued and because the world is NOT READY for little shaman phalloi dropping totems about and frost shocking with their little nubbly feet, and don’t get me […]

So the dogs and I have a morning ritual. (The cats and I do too, but that’s another post.) I get up. I throw on clothes. Gir looks at me from the bed with pathetic beagle you’re-not-really-getting-up-and-leaving-me? eyes. "C’mon, beagley-boo, time to get up." He sighs. I go downstairs, preceded by Ben and Angus. Behind me, I hear the clicking […]

A largely uneventful few days–the only significant point being hitting the halfway point on art for Ninjabreath! (Yaaaay! Seventy down, only seventy more to go. That’s seventy in a month, which is a pretty gruelling pace, but I’ve been keeping up pretty well. I allotted three months this time for the art, since I realized I was going to slow […]