Monthly Archives: September 2004

At some point in the night, in between the dreams of being attacked by the flying razor-clawed doll from the Dreamcast version of Genma Onimusha,* I appear to have gotten up, found my sketchbook, and scrawled “king–thugwhumps–“Ooodlegoiter”–Baby dragon w/stuffed knight–“Mr Higgins.” Whether this was a painting idea or a menu suggestion, I’m not entirely certain, […]

Slaved over a painting for days, and at the end…meh. Not impressed. I learned some stuff, so it wasn’t a loss, but it just wasn’t…whatever. This, on the other hand, I whipped out in about two hours, and was pleased with. Why is it always the simple, silly, fast stuff that I wind up […]

Woot! Finally got my Anthrocon check. Not bad at all. Everything went for minimum bid, (everything almost always goes for minimum bid, it seems) except for “The Grape” which went for three times the minimum bid, cracked a hundred bucks and blew my tiny little mind. It’s always the ones that you toss off in […] This is so James’s fault. He was wandering around singing “I am the smallrus!” “How big is a smallrus?” I asked. “Very, very tiny.” “Awww.” “They’re bred as sock warmers. You can put your socks on the smallri to keep warm.” “AWWWWW!” “They purr.” “AWWWWWWWWWWW!” And just when I was thinking that I had […] Once upon a time, there was a fetching young wolverine who, wearing her favorite red hood, went skipping through the fields, on the way to her grandmother’s house, carrying a basket of tasty goodies.* A wolf, who was lurking at the edge of the woods, descended upon the young wolverine and said “Hello, little […]

Gaming day! Session two, and I’m settling into being a paladin. The function of a paladin, in virtually all RPG combat, is to function as a wall (as evidenced by the dialogue in various on-line RPGs, i.e. “I’m going to fight trolls!” “Need a wall?”) The paladin stands in front, takes the headlong charge from […]