Whew, we got a lot of stuff goin’ on!

First off, there is a new KUEC up! (Actually, there were new ones the entire time we were gone, we spent a week recording episodes in advance, much to the detriment of our intestinal tracts.) In this one, we eat canned menudo. Or at least Kevin does.

Also available on iTunes!

Next up, Digger vol. 6 is now available to order on-line! (For those asking about an omnibus edition, it might happen, but probably not until next year, and will depend on schedule and pre-orders and all kinda stuff.)

Finally, have some art! These were some of the only originals to come home with me from Anthrocon. They’re for sale, drop a line if interested, and prints are available of both!

Rawr! I'm a dragon!

Way back when, I did a set of Chinese zodiac tiles for a company that promptly stopped returning my e-mails when I said things like “I’m really going to need that contract before I send you the full-size files.” The dragon was one of my favorites, and I had never finished it. So a couple of months ago, I got the bright idea to use the unfinished painting as the base for a mixed-media piece. This is mostly colored pencil over top of that underpainting, 6 x 6 on deep cradled board, ready to hang as-is.

Since I had to print it on a sturdier paper, everything came out much darker and more uniformly colored than the painting, which dismayed me at first, but when I saw how well the colored pencil worked on top of the dark paper—do it right, and it practically glows—I was ultimately pretty pleased.

Prints available!

Pensive Capybara is pensive!

This one had an amusing genesis. If you haven’t read Cat Valente’s The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making, it’s a delight. Anyway, we are on-line acquaintances, and she dropped me a line asking if I’d draw a capybara aviator for her—it’s supposed to be a character in the third Fairyland book, which will then be named Ursula. I don’t do too many things like this, but I really enjoyed the book and was in a mad rush of making originals anyway, so I agreed. She got a print, I get an eponymous capybara, who could ask for more?

Meanwhile, the original is available–6 x 6, mixed media on print sealed to board, same as the dragon. Prints are available!

Now I gotta go to the cafe and slap some words down…


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