Monthly Archives: July 2008

Okay. Still not over the penis thing, and apparently it’s got nothing to do with whether I’m getting laid or not.* Actually, that doesn’t surprise me. As weird as this sounds, and as much derisive laughter as I deserve for uttering it, there’s something oddly non-sexual about these. They do not fill me with lust […]

Head + Desk

Women in the audience…d’ya ever see a guy attempting to defend feminism…and get this urge to tap ’em on the shoulder and say “Um…please. On behalf of my gender, just….stop now. Please.  We have plenty of idiots already, your services are not required.” Mind you, I suppose every group gets occasionally embarrassed by their allies. […]

So I’m feeling artistically frustrated This is normal. Show prep has moved to the stage of “Everything I have ever painted is shit,” which slides into “I must change my medium/style/genre RIGHT NOW,” which slides into “I am madly inspired to do something that I cannot possibly put in this show.” In my case, this […]