Monthly Archives: October 2009

I fear overload is starting to set in–everything is turning into a blur of rides, buses, and buying T-shirts. Today is our last day, and we’re probably going to start at Epcot and then see what happens, although plans are nebulous. A few impressions of Hollywood Studios: Muppets are awesome. Would that they had a Beaker […]

So tomorrow I get in the car with Kevin and his kids and we drive to Disneyworld for a week of Family Fun. Week of Family Fun, in this case, involve his parents deciding they’re taking the grandkids to Disneyworld, damnit, and thus have to take said grandkids’ parents as well, and so they rented a […]

Thank you guys all so much for your input! I really appreciate it! Okay. Here’s what I’m thinkin’ I’ll do… Platypus (and fox) were the big winners. I’d love to do Platypus, but because I’d have to do a mirror image thingy, in order to do right and left that’s a minimum 200 order, and I need […]

So the place that does my little cloisenne lapel pins can do pendants. And pendants are presumably a hop-skip-and-jump from earrings, since if they’ve got a little ring at the top, we might be able to work something on the earring front, assuming they don’t weigh a bizillion pounds. Downside, the minimum order on stuff […]