Monthly Archives: May 2003

Having just discovered that I’m broker than I thought–to the point where I may have a hard time getting out to Anthrocon–I’m gonna start putting up auctions–I’m unlikely to make enough to make it smooth sailing, but it never hurts to try! I’ve got tons of sketches lying around, some of which might be of […]

HA! Less than three hours, and the hummingbirds have discovered the feeder! They don’t seem at all dismayed by James sitting out there smoking, either–one came up, slurped, made a “Churk churck churck!” noise, and then chased off another bird who may have been looking at it funny. I feel warm and fuzzy. Now, to […]

Went out today and did what I have been meaning to do for two weeks now…bought plants for the patio. Woot! I have lived so long without a yard space that I had given up–my early attempts at window boxes gradually gave way to a few houseplants, who, when we moved into my dark, dank, […]

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who said happy birthday! I feel loved. And thank you, also, to everyone who weighed in to say that I was not an arrogant boor for not liking dolphins-in-space-with-white-tigers-and-pastel-whales art and saying so. (I may be an arrogant boor for other reasons, but I’m not so […]

To celebrate my birthday, allow me to present something wearing a party hat! Armored Nallwug I also just noticed that someone left me a long comment at Elfwood telling me that while I was very good, I was too flamboyant about identifying the weaknesses of other artists and had placed myself on a high horse. […]

Today is my birthday, a fact I didn’t remember until I was doodling a monster in a party hat yesterday, and James came up and said “Is this some kind of hint about your birthday?” and I said “Whuh…OH! Hey, tomorrow’s the 28th!” I knew it was somewhere around here, since my Mom sent me […]