Monthly Archives: June 2009

It’s been two and a half years since I separated from my ex-husband, two years since I had a bit of a nervous breakdown (which some readers may recall!) and to say that I am happier now is a laughable understatement. My life is so much better now that I lack adequate vocabulary to describe it. Still, I […]

Okay, super-sleuths, I have a question for you.What the heck is this? Supposedly it was filmed in the sewers under Cameron Village, a shopping district here in Raleigh, but bugger if I know what to make of those things. (Let me state categorically that I can’t rule out viral marketing or anything else, and I know no […]

The signing went great! We had exactly the right number of books–we sold out ten minutes before the end–so it was awesome. Thank you so much to everybody who came out, and for everybody who couldn’t, it’s okay, no worries–there will be other signings, and I hope you or your cars feel better!  Also, I had no […]

I will not wallow in neurosis. I will not wallow in neurosis. People will show up. Even if it’s just my usual posse–and god, someday I’m giving you all originals in sheer gratitude for always showing up to these things–there will be people there. (To recap–Chapel Hill Comics, 1-3 pm, Dragonbreath signing.) To distract myself, please […]

Yep, it’s con-prep time. Where is the thing!? The thing! I need the thing! It was here yesterday! Without the thing, my plans are useless, I might as well just stay home, life without the thing is not worth living–aha! There it is! Great! …okay, where’s the other thing? Rinse, repeat as needed. I’ll have like twenty-odd pieces for the […]

It was a dumb joke, but I thought it’d be a great painting. Then I went on-line and discovered that approximately ten thousand people have made that joke before me. But heck with it, it was too potentially cute NOT to draw.Warhamster 40K: Black Templar (I figure it’s a crapshoot–either all the 40K fans go "Aww! That’s so cute!" […]

Whew. Okay. Not quite as wrecked today from the con-hangover. There may even be productivity! (Madness!) Unfortunately, I have retained one of the worst bits of the con…the earworm. Otter started singing "Strangers in the Night" behind the table sometime on Saturday, and it evolved horribly, until I began making up my own lyrics in the shower, […]