Monthly Archives: September 2010


This painting took three tries. The first one was the right technique but the wrong color, the second one was the right color but the wrong composition, and this one isn’t quite the right technique, but bugger if I was starting it a fourth time. While this wasn’t quite the technique I had wanted to […]

Artist’s Life

Got up. Looked at the painting I worked on for four hours last night. Realized immediately that the technique was perfect and the colors were completely wrong. Probably not fixable without another few hours of work. Sighed heavily. (Still, the technique was good! I figured that bit out! The trick is to use the watercolor […]

So I Slept On It…

…and woke up, and looked at the piece, and said “no, no, the lines are too fine.” Part of the problem with these is that I’m floundering in both technique and setting–normally I’ve got at least one of the two. But at least I’m establishing parameters–the lines in this one are too delicate, the lines […]


Still the odd silent apparitions with masks. This one is about a third the size of Owlform, more of a study of the character design than anything else, and I wanted to do it on illustration board so that it would soak up the ink better, so that I didn’t keep scraping it up with […]