Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Earl of Oregano

Today was as perfect a day as you get in summer around here—breezy, not particularly hot, not particularly humid. Pleasant. So I finished this painting (most of which was done in a crazed fit yesterday) with the window next to my desk open, hearing the crows harass a red-shouldered hawk that had wandered by, and […]

Prince of Garlic

I did about eight hundred things wrong in the course of this painting. I started out with a very clear idea of how to paint it, which is pretty much always death. So I wound up doing and redoing things and wasting a lot of effort on steps that proved totally unnecessary. But this sort […]

Fire-Capped Chickadees

I have no art for this—yet—but I have to write it down before I forget, after a conversation at AC…   The fire-capped chickadee is not the smallest of the garden phoenixes—that honor goes, depending on region, either to the flame-throated hummingbird or the blue-gray gnatscorcher—but certainly the most common visitor to birdfeeders. Their distinctive […]


Prints of “Many Peculiar Things” are now available, for all your oddly margined weirdly masked rabbitary needs! In other news, is it just me or does *a character who shall remain nameless for spoiler reasons* really get totally forgotten at the end of Diablo III? It’s awesome you’re gonna run things now, Tyrael, it’s lovely […]

Peculiar Things

This is such a weird format that getting it viewable on the monitor means you almost can’t read the text—“The sky is always the same/but/many peculiar things happen under the ground.” The masked rabbit is on a little square of board glued to the background, and so stands out. As with many of these odd […]