Monthly Archives: August 2003

I had one seriously messed up dream last night. It was somewhere between Harry Potter and the X-Files. James and I were at this school for magic, and appeared to be on the staff there, attempting to teach shapeshifting to a bunch of students. It didn’t go terribly well, and I recall one kid turned […]

For no apparent reason today, I was reminded of a scene in “I, Claudius.” I blame having recently discovered my old friend Bjorn here on LJ. He introduced me to the British miniseries by the expedient of having them playing more or less constantly in the background. There’s nothing like Caligula dismembering people to really […]

Idiocy. Now, I’m opposed to fur-farming as much as the next person. I don’t approve of raising a non-domestic species in a small cage, then electrocuting it through the genitals to make one one-hundredth of a coat. (You want to do this to a chicken, I don’t care nearly so much–I don’t wish the chicken […]

This is pretty silly. Watching a show on snake handlers. Who also drink strychnine. Because snake handling isn’t edgy enough. These are the types who fall down and twitch a lot and bounce in place for God. I don’t know what God gets out of the bouncing, but evidentally they do. (Having witnessed this first […]

Porn spam is outta hand. I endured the hot hot naked naked throbbing giant breasted spines-of-rubber ads. I merely deleted, grumbling, the ones for farmyard fantasies and autophilia and ship sex (what the hell is ship sex? Two aircraft carriers getting intimate?) and anal erotica and things involving ten people, hardware, and a live chicken. […]

Okay, this is a very minor thing, but I gotta admit, I’m all giddy. “Digger” got pimped today over at “Fans,” with the intro: I know the question you’re all REALLY asking yourselves is… “T, how does a small wombat get onto Graphic Smash, an action-adventure website full of renegade spies and other ass-kickers?” Well, […]