Monthly Archives: June 2010

HA! I knew it was aliens. It’s always aliens. (Playing video game. In the interests of spoilers, I won’t mention which one.) And another thing. Why is it always Adam and Eve that gets riffed on? Just once, I want to see the big reveal be the origins of another creation myth. You go through […]


I was arguing on the internet again and wound up looking up the Phoenix zoo’s Operation Oryx (credited with pretty much single-handedly saving the Arabian Oryx from extinction and eventually leading to the reintroduction of the species into the wild) to prove my point and choked myself up doing it. There was this stretch after […]

Flame Frog

Froggy got flames! A silly little amphibian for the AC art show coming up–started with a digital underpainting, sealed to board, worked over in colored pencil and acrylic ink, then gold leafed like crazy. (Yes, my pants are covered in gold leaf. Also my chair and my desk and bits of my hair.) 6 x […]

A-Kon 2010

Whew. Okay. Con report time. Gotta make one while I can still remember it, before it fades into that vast sea of Cons I Have Known. The Good The fans, the fans, the fans.  Man, you guys are awesome. Met some great people–long-time readers, long-time commenters, people I’ve been chatting with on LJ for years, […]