Monthly Archives: October 2005

Glancing through some old sketchbooks only confirms my place among the ranks of the peculiar. I can’t decipher a lot of the thumbnails any more (some of them I still can) but my tendency to jot random small notes in an effort to explain myself to my future self provides no insight whatsoever. Some of […]

Well, that sucks. Keith Parkinson died. While my art has, quite obviously, moved along a ways, back when I was starting out and wanted to be a fantasy artist, Keith Parkinson was one of my idols. Even though realism is no longer my paramount goal, his work still largely defines the kind of TSR Classic […]

More fooling around with design. I figured the Red Wombat Tea Co. needed its own label. That wombat is easily the most minimalist thing I’ve ever done, so I’m kinda proud. As always, critique really actually honestly I swear appreciated on these, because my design sense is crap on a cracker.