Monthly Archives: December 2003

After eight months of balmy AZ temperatures, it finally dipped into–horrors!–the mid fifties–forcing me to drag out my faithful steel-toed boots instead of sandals. Eight months of sandal wearing means that I now feel like I’ve got cinderblocks strapped to my ankles. I pick up a foot. Ungh. I set it down. Thunk. I feel […]

The spurious accusations of art theft have gotten outta hand… +————————————— – | At Mon Dec 29 06:28:43 2003 | Streea | () | IP#: | Referring to: ursula.html | “Well your your art work is great im not saying anything | agenst it but your not stating where you get it… I can | […]

James’s folks are in town, so we’re hangin’ out with them. And that’s cool. Yesterday we went to the botanical gardens, which were snazzy and cactusfilled, and I took a lot of photos. Last night, as I was in the throes of sleep, James finally came to bed. “I dreamed about plants,” I told him […]

More thing that fascinate me…

Show today on NPR on smallpox, historically. They’re describing a woman–Lady Mary–who went to Turkey in the–I wanna say late 1700’s, but I could be wrong–and discovered a proto-vaccine for smallpox there, being practiced largely by Greek and Cyprean women. As vaccines go, this was pretty crude (and icky!)–dip needles into “ripe” smallpox sores, and […]