Monthly Archives: December 2010

What we’re up against…

Kevin’s got a Flickr set detailing some of the renovation. The photos aren’t great quality, since they’re mostly taken with an iPhone at night in a dark room, but you get the gist. (Also, I’m not that fat. It’s the painter-pants, I swear!) We’ll be taking some better shots once everything is actually set up, […]

KEUC #16

I…think I just had an erotic dream about Alton Brown. *cough* ON THAT NOTE…somewhat belatedly because I was pulling staples last night and didn’t remember to post, there’s a new Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap! We explore the terrifying notion of Lutheran-Indian fusion cuisine, drink cheap wine, and eat substandard food. There are frozen pot […]


I tell ya, if you’re ever lacking in creative inspiration, pack your whole studio up in boxes for a couple of days and go tear up carpeting. Apparently there’s nothing quite like it to get the creative juices flowing, because I found myself digging up my watercolor trays (which hadn’t been jammed in a box […]

Seymour’s Birdhouse

My sketchbook indicated that Arnold had a brother. Still fooling around with the birdhouse shape. Interestingly, I think it works better when it’s more vertical, or maybe just when it has a deeper overhang on the roof shape–the near-square of this one came out somewhat less dynamic than the first birdhouse.  But that’s why we […]

Arnold’s Birdhouse

I had doodled Arnold, and felt he needed a home. Put this together from clayboard and foamcore wrapped in rice paper–coat the back in ultra heavy gel, and it becomes surprisingly sturdy!–covered with various papers and random bits. Original for sale–drop a line if interested–and of course, prints are available.