Artist’s Life

Got up. Looked at the painting I worked on for four hours last night. Realized immediately that the technique was perfect and the colors were completely wrong. Probably not fixable without another few hours of work. Sighed heavily. (Still, the technique was good! I figured that bit out! The trick is to use the watercolor pencils to make the hatchmarks, then carefully coat them in Soft Gel Medium, which softens them a little, but leaves the linework. The Inktense brand works really well for that.)

Turned to next piece, which I had carefully sketched out last night while watching Venture Brothers. Put a wash of blue-violet acrylic over it to make sure colors are bloody well unified this time. Washed out most of the pencil lines.  Put head in hands, expressed desire to abandon art and become a medical test subject. Re-drew sketch. Discovered splotches of blue-violet on good pants. Sighed more heavily. Got more coffee. Got back to work.

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