Artistic Coping Mechanism #73

Clearly the problem is not me. Clearly the problem is my art supplies! Therefore I must drive to Jerry’s at once and buy a bunch of Prismacolors and some more inktense watercolor pencils and oooh, look, they have ALL the colors of PITT pens! Ooooooh….

3 thoughts on “Artistic Coping Mechanism #73

  1. Frances Quinn says:

    oooooohhh-I know that feeling! And you can’t get Prismacolour this side of the Atlantic,which leads to more angst & ebaying…

  2. Uzuri says:

    Well duh. The problem is ALWAYS the art supplies, and wiping out your life savings on new ones is ALWAYS the solution.

    I think I’ve discovered why artists are often starving.

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