So I Slept On It…

…and woke up, and looked at the piece, and said “no, no, the lines are too fine.”

Part of the problem with these is that I’m floundering in both technique and setting–normally I’ve got at least one of the two. But at least I’m establishing parameters–the lines in this one are too delicate, the lines in the previous one were too bold, ergo it should fall somewhere in the middle.

In theory, anyway.

It may turn out later that I am deeply wrong and there are no lines at all and I should be rendering these in soft pastel or oils or glass mosaic tiles.

But I get the impression there are lines. And they have to be somewhat obvious, if subtle–they have to be large enough to SEE, anyway.

I am not much closer to setting it in a place–there may need to be cactus, which is a little baffling, and I have been wandering around with the phrase “where the bones of jackrabbits converse with the bones of owls” muttering in the back of my brain at random intervals, which helps a lot less than you’d think.

Time to hit the art supply store and get some pen nibs and see if I can’t get some linework that way…

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