Redroom, redroom…

It is possible that if I had known it would take three coats of red, plus a coat of primer, working out to a solid gallon of red paint PER WALL, that I might have given green a bit more thought.

One long wall done. And it is red, really red, fire-engine red, Fiestaware red, shaving cut blotted on toilet paper red.

I sagged down, exhausted, and said “If we hate this in six weeks, I’m gonna cry.”

Kevin, surveying the newly red wall, said kindly “If we hate it in six weeks, we’ll just live with it for awhile anyway.”

I almost hate that I am going to cover that wall in bookcases soon. I worked so hard on it. It is so very red.

Also, I love spackle. Spackle is awesome. It is like the universe saying “Ha! There is a hole! This is damaged!” and me getting to say “Nuh-uh!” Spackle gives me faith that nothing is irreparable–not hearts, not credit scores, not Middle Eastern politics.

Possibly my sudden desire to form the First Church Of Put A Little Spackle On It, It’ll Be Fine is proof that I am overtired and have been breathing too many fumes.

Tomorrow…another wall! The one that’s all windows, so there’s hardly any painting!

4 thoughts on “Redroom, redroom…

  1. Korbl says:

    Have you considered making the red wall an accent wall and making the other walls a more mellow colour to possibly down play the redness? It might use less paint, depending on the other colour, and could alleviate the brightness.

  2. dreamforest says:

    My brother has had red rooms. It takes a lot of paint to make the wall red, but surprisingly not that much to make it not red. The room he made not purple was the hardest, but that it was that way when he bought the house.

  3. unarmedLions says:

    … First Church Of Put A Little Spackle On It, It’ll Be Fine.

    I lawl’d.
    there was staring.

    I’m game!

    Also, thank you – I will no longer be painting my walls red.
    maybe gonna go with the brownish instead.

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