My ass. Ow.

Finally got my taxes done. Despite pre-paying scads (well, by my standards) AND having a credit from overpaying last year…well. Ow. I think I must have jumped over a bracket or something. I had expect to be about spot on…and…well…not so much.


But I can’t complain too much. This is about as much extra as I owed back in ’08 when I had to frantically run the Taxman print fundraiser to cover my expenses…and instead of turning gray and frantically checking my options, I can just pay it outright. Sure, it knocks out my Dragonbreath royalties for the last six months, but at least I GOT the royalty check before the IRS came knocking. It goes in, it comes out a week later, but at least it was there.

My savings account may never get to the downpayment-on-a-house point (my ultimate goal–not that I need to buy a house, but it’d be awfully nice to have the option, in case something goes horribly wrong) at this rate, but at least in two years I’ve gone from “OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD” to “wave at the money as it goes wooshing by.” Which is definitely progress.

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