Well, there goes MY indie cred…

So apparently, after years and years of doing a webcomic, of slaving over a hot script, polishing dialog, honing my art style to a vague linocut-like edge, it’s all payed off.

I’ve finally broken into mainstream comics. That’s right, y’all, the real deal. As good as it gets. The big time. The hallowed halls.

We’re talking Marvel.

Obviously I am far too cool for all of you now, and also for my pants, which is why I am going on to head to glory alone, in my underwear. (My Bettie Page shirt can stay, and my socks are tie-dye and thus can come with me as far as the bus station.)

Behold! A panel of issue #3 of Marvel’s Destroyer.

…okay, well, I probably can’t parlay that into a lucrative superhero-drawing career–not unless they do a reboot of X-men that involves everybody turning to mutant hamsters, and I think they tried that in the Eighties* and it didn’t go well–but I gotta admit, I stared at the computer while my eyes popped and then started laughing hysterically for several minutes.

Sure, I’m a weirdo indie comic maker doing wombat stories and kid’s books about dragons and mutant potato salad, but my friggin’ PEAR gets into mainstream superhero comics. *headdesk*

My thanks to Heli and gamergrrl for sending the image and confirming the source, respectively–god knows, I’d NEVER have tripped over this one on my own!–and to whoever the penciller is that thought the Biting Pear needed to be in this issue–you made my day.

(No, before you ask, I’m not suing, as I feel they’re not making money on the Pear per se–it’s like drawing a Punisher shirt on somebody in a crowd scene, and I’ve done THAT–it’s just a pop culture background reference, and I think that’s fair game. If they started putting out issues of Pearboy, that’d be another kettle of worms…)

So there’s my big mainstream break. You saw it here first.

…man, they’re NEVER gonna let me into Small Press Expo now…

*Everybody who had an issue of Hamster Vice, raise your hand. It’s okay, you’re among friends here.

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