Vampires Under The Floor

I am extremely tired.

Con accomplished. And I am exhausted.

I don’t know why I’m so tired after this one compared to all the other cons I do. This one destroys me in waysthat no other con does. I’ve decided that it must be vampires under the floor. I’ve done some that are bigger, plenty that turned even more dismal profit, ones longer, ones with concrete floors just as hard, ones with drives just as lengthy, my corsets are no tighter, my boot soles no thinner, and for some reason, after Heroes, I’m so tired I’m practically weeping with exhaustion.

Last year, I got to Kevin’s from the con–I hadn’t moved in yet–and he flatly refused to let me keep driving, because I was at the point where I was so tired I might as well have been driving drunk, and even though I haven’t been spending the night while his kids were there yet, and we were trying to be circumspect, I fell into the bed for four or five hours because I was physically unable to keep going. Which is kinda funny, in some regards, because Kevin and I were dragging our gear out–he was half-dead too–and we were saying "you know, humans get sent on forced marches, for DAYS, and I mean, sure, they’re awful, people drop dead, it wasn’t the Bataan Fun March, but they can go for days and days and most of them manage, so why the hell are we whimpering and limping and light-headed after maybe five hours spent mostly sitting down?" I mean, seriously, we were wrecked and we weren’t even drinking heavily at night or anything–we were in bed by midnight or before both nights, I had a single rum and coke one night, and just…my feet are about to fall off, and my powers of concentration are badly degraded.

I dunno. Vampires under the floor, maybe.

It was good to see people, run into some old friends, we had some great food, it wasn’t a bad experience by any stretch–thanks very much to the people who came out, it was really good to see you (and it would have been much more exhausting without people to comedistract me!)–but I am inhumanly tired.

I go die now.

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