Whew. Okay. Not quite as wrecked today from the con-hangover. There may even be productivity! (Madness!)

Unfortunately, I have retained one of the worst bits of the con…the earworm. Otter started singing "Strangers in the Night" behind the table sometime on Saturday, and it evolved horribly, until I began making up my own lyrics in the shower, much to Kevin’s dismay.

Wombats in the niiiiight–
Exchanging glances…
Pooping cubicallllllly–
Good thing they don’t wear pantses…

Pest Bobs in the niiiight–
I kill them on sight
It’s time for juicing…

Etc, etc, ad nauseum.

The garden bloomed in our absence–there’s little green berries on the holly, the anise hyssop is going gangbusters, and the bee balm is covered in deep magenta flowers, with hummingbirds zipping around them. There are buds on the black-eyed susans. The echinacea appears to be dead. (I’ll try again in fall–maybe it just needs a chance to establish the roots.) The giant rudbeckia has a spectacular flower, which would be even more spectacular if it hadn’t fallen over and deposited the flower somewhere in the lawn. (Next year, cages.) 

And now, time for running prints. And if I become particularly ambitious, I will go strip another chair.

Also, check out this awesome sculpture! The artist wanted to do a 3-D piece based on my  "Orandas on a Wire" painting, and her blog has the step-by-step process. It’s really cool!

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