Tomorrow I head back home to NC! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but I feel good about it. I did the job I came to do, I’ve got more work on the horizon, and all is beautiful.

Apparently there’s a very good chance I will be at Comicon–my CCH is talking about flying me out to work on another project, and then going down to Comicon–so we’ll see whether that actual comes together. That would push the move back to August (and Wedschilde, if they don’t spring for a hotel room, I may be begging floorspace again!) Fortunately Carlota’s as flexible as a wet skink* so we’d probably be shipping things in those Relocation Cubes or something–I’d supervise loading on this end, she’d supervise unloading on that end, and then we’d drive out together.  (The downside is that I’d spend a week or two in a sleeping bag, in a bare apartment, with a radio, the cat, and my faithful laptop here. Oh, well. One of the nice things about being single is that you can endure privations that you would never submit your loved ones to…)

Or something like that. Both our schedules are subject to change without notice, but fortunately we’re both very laid back people. I am confident we will get out to San Jose by the end of the summer in some fashion.

“Say,” said my agent, “could you deliver a book on nonfiction topic X by October?”

“Uh, let me see…move in August, write in September…uh..there’s that other project…and Book Two of Black Dogs needs to get edited…and…uh…Late October, sure,” I said, doing math in my head and coming up with negative sleep and hopefully positive cash, “and I’d definitely need money up front on it…”

“Of course! I’ll let ’em know and see if they go for it.”

I have a strange feeling that my days as artist/writer are about to flip to writer/artist, if my agent has any say in it. That’s probably a good thing–it’s something I wanted! and asked for!–but I didn’t expect it to happen quite so fast… Must be the benefit of having a literary agent, or something.

*On timing. I will let her address any questions of alternate flexibility on her own

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