Heh. Heh heh heh heh heh.

My project is done! (No, I still can’t tell you who the CCH is, or what the project is. Yes, I did get paid up front.)

And I just had the coolest birthday celebration ever. And far and away the most surreal.

So my CCH learns that my birthday was last week, and is dismayed that I did nothing whatsoever to celebrate it. He decides this situation must be rectified. “Okay,” he says, “how long has it been since you went to Disneyland?”

I considered this and came up with the answer of…um….twenty years. Err. Captain Eo was the big thing last time I was there…?

This was deemed unacceptable.

So I spent the whole day at Disneyland with the CCH, his girlfriend, and his sister (who’s very cool) and enjoyed it way more than I expected to enjoy anything like that as a jaded adult who kinda considers Disney the evil empire. Started out, went on a few rides, it was fun, they’ve put Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, etc, but y’know, I was sort of eyeing the animatronics in Alice in Wonderland and admiring the design more than anything else.

And then we went on Space Mountain.

I never actually went on Space Mountain before. I was like ten, it was scary, I have low roller coaster tolerance…but what the hell, I’m thirty, I will finally ride that damn ride! Carpe diem!

I believed I screamed during the entire ride.  I got off hoarse and unsteady and giggling hysterically. (Apparently my screams are distinctive and recognizeable. The rest of the party thought this was the funniest thing ever.  Since I am generally a very laid back and staid and encyclopedic personality who only gets excited over new birds, seeing me in such a state is rare.)

Also, the Indiana Jones ride, which I’d never seen, was fun–not quite as cool as Space Mountain, but still cool. At one point they simulate firing darts at you with short blasts of air. I got off the ride, the CCH looks at me, cracks up, and says “Wow, you’ve kinda got that Farrah Fawcett hair goin’ on…”

I considered this. “Well, she was hot during the seventies, right?”


“Then I’m not gonna worry about it…”

So overall, it was really, really cool. One of the best birthday celebrations of my adult life, hands down. And as usual, if you’d asked me last year what I’d be doing in a year’s time…well, believe me, I wouldn’t have had any clue.

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